Joy of drinking, complexity, expression, dynamics and thus more liveliness of the wines.


The potential of the Ingelheim terroir has been considered outstanding for centuries. Wine of this origin is as recognised in Germany as it is sought after in the international wine scene. Our aim is to take up the offer of the Ingelheim terroir as a challenge to transfer the class of our soils and climate into wines that can compete with the best of their kind. That is what we are working on. Every day. And we take the time to check many things that seem to be firmly established through permanent monitoring and to replace them with better methods if we are convinced of them. How could it be otherwise? As a doctor of oenology, I am not afraid of experimentation. On the contrary – questioning facts and looking for better solutions are the best engine of progress. Also when it comes to wine.

For this reason, we have been combining the advantages of biodynamics and regenerative viticulture in our wine philosophy for years. This takes time and a lot of patience. In this way, we are getting closer step by step to our goal of giving nature even more space in our wines. And we do this based on facts and evidence, in order to gain aromatically and tastefully deeper impressions from our vineyards, so that you can enjoy the outstanding individuality of our red and white wines and enjoy them to the full. This is what we work for.

The Ingelheim terroir is something very special. I would even say something unique, because the soils are massively characterised by limestone weathering rock that was formed around 50 million years ago. There is nothing else like it in Germany. In this respect, too, we are in an incomparable position, which is the reason why our passion is almost exclusively for Pinot varieties.

The Ingelheim terroir is something very special.

In order for Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris to develop their talents optimally and mature into true greatness in the bottle, we follow the naturally existing geological structures created by the earth's history when parcelling our vineyards. We do not arbitrarily divide our vineyards into parcels, but look for the optimal match between different limestone concentrations and the resulting perfect interaction between our favoured grape varieties and their habitat. For us, the first priority is to transfer the fascinating esprit of the Ingelheim terroir to our wines as authentically and vividly as possible, so that the geological internal differentiation further enhances the drinking pleasure of our wines. Some might dismiss this as obsession with details. But if, like us, you want to create individual wines with their own unique style, excellence in all respects is essential. The whole picture emerges from many small pieces of the mosaic.

All our wines are the result of a creative engagement with nature. Over the years and as our knowledge has grown, we have taken to manually weaving in the tips of the shoots in many plots, rather than topping them with the leaf trimmer. In this way, we limit the growth of the vines in an injury- and shock-free manner and ensure finer fir and less bitterness in our red wines with this gentle form of upbringing. We always ferment the grapes for our red wines spontaneously and partially or completely with the stalk. We prefer ageing in wooden barrels and rely on a long yeast storage. In other words: We let the wines mature on a long leash into individual heads of character.

We cultivate ten hectares of vineyards in the best locations of Ingelheim. This is an ideal size to implement our philosophy of gentle winemaking that is in tune with nature. In this respect, less really is more, because all of us at Weingut Adams find it exciting not to carry out soil and vine care with cold routine and timed according to the appointment calendar, but to respond to the individual processes in the vineyards and to carry out the appropriate, really necessary measures. We see ourselves as a team that works and learns together and has set itself the goal of allowing the beauty and vitality of our vineyards to be tasted in all Adams wines.